Vatican slams gender-affirming ideology in new document

The document was worked on for five years before being released on Monday.

Monday, the Vatican declared gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy as grave violations of human dignity. 

The center of the Roman Catholic Church said in the declaration that gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy are on a similar level to abortion and euthanasia. 


Driving the news: Pope Francis approved the 20-page document, titled “Infinite Dignity,” after it had been in the works since 2019. 

  • Infinite Dignity strongly rejects the notion of gender theory and the possibility of changing one’s biological sex. 
  • The documents states that God created man and women, and desiring a personal self-determination would amount to “the age-old temptation to make oneself God.” 
  • The document reiterates the Roman Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion and euthanasia and adds new concerns such as the violation of the dignity of the surrogate mother and child in surrogacy.
  • Infinite dignity also condemned the criminalization and mistreatment of people based on their sexual orientation, while reiterating the church’s traditional views on homosexual actions and complementarity of male and female sex organs in creating new life. 
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