Private moon landing abandoned after fuel leak

The United States has not landed on the moon in over half a century.

U.S. company Astrobotic Technology had to abandon its moon landing attempt due to a fuel leak and issues with its solar panel.

Driving the news: The company stated that the propellant leak made a soft landing on the moon impossible. This could have been the first U.S. moon landing in over 50 years and the first by a private company.


  • Another lander from a Houston-based company is scheduled to launch next month.
  • Only four countries have successfully landed on the moon.

What they’re saying: Astrobotic is now focused on keeping the lander operational in space to gather as much information as possible for its next mission.

  • The company did not provide further details as to why the Peregrine lander’s propellant system failed during the flight.
  • NASA had paid Astrobotic $108 million as part of its commercial lunar program to transport experiments to the moon.
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