Valadao calls on House to empower McHenry to continue acting as temporary Speaker

House Republicans continue to remain divided on who should be the next Speaker, leading Valadao to support a temporary solution through the rest of the year.

With House Republicans still unable to find common ground on electing a new Speaker, Rep. David Valadao (R–Hanford) is urging his colleagues to find a temporary solution. 

Valadao is calling on the House to allow Speaker Pro-Tempore Patrick McHenry, a Republican from North Carolina, to act as Speaker through the beginning of the new year. 


Driving the news: The full House voted on Jim Jordan’s candidacy for Speaker on Tuesday, but the Ohio Republican fell short, losing the support of 20 Republicans. 

  • The House voted a second time on Jordan’s candidacy on Wednesday, and Jordan lost support among his GOP colleagues as 22 Republicans defected. 
  • With no consensus on the horizon, Rep. Dave Joyce, a Republican from Ohio, introduced a resolution on Wednesday that would allow McHenry to act as Speaker through Jan. 3, 2024. 

What they’re saying: Valadao released a statement Wednesday calling for support of Joyce’s resolution, saying each day that passes without a Speaker is a national security risk. Valadao supported McCarthy in January through all 15 votes and voted for Jordan both times this week. 

  • “After today’s votes, it is clear that the current candidates do not have the support necessary to become Speaker,” Valadao said. “We do not have more time to waste, which is why I support empowering Speaker Pro-Tempore Patrick McHenry so we can immediately reopen the House while we work to find consensus.” 
  • Valadao added, “I remain disappointed with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle who have put politics and personalities over our responsibility to govern. My constituents sent me to Washington to work in their best interest, and I’ll continue to do that no matter who holds the Speaker’s gavel.”
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