UN Security Council endorses cease-fire plan for Israel-Hamas war

The United Nations is seeking to bring an end to the eight-month war in Gaza.

The UN Security Council approved a resolution endorsing a cease-fire plan to end the eight-month war between Israel and Hamas, with a vote of 14-0, and Russia abstaining.

The resolution supports a three-phase cease-fire plan proposed by President Joe Biden, with the goal of bringing an end to the conflict. 


The big picture: While the plan is backed by the UN, there is uncertainty about whether Israel and Hamas will accept it.

  • The resolution urges both Israel and Hamas to quickly accept and fully implement the terms of the cease-fire plan without any delays or conditions attached.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed the need for the dismantling of Hamas’ military and governing capabilities before considering a permanent cease-fire.
  • Hamas leaders called for a deal leading to a permanent cease-fire, a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, and other conditions.

Driving the news: The war has resulted in significant casualties and destruction, with over 36,700 Palestinians killed, 83,000 wounded, and about 80% of Gaza’s buildings destroyed, as reported by the Gaza Health Ministry and the UN.

  • The resolution underscores the ongoing diplomatic efforts by Egypt, Qatar, and the United States to reach a comprehensive cease-fire deal, consisting of three phases. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has been actively involved in pursuing this goal.
  • President Biden’s proposal outlines a phased approach starting with a six-month cease-fire, release of hostages, withdrawal of Israeli forces, and humanitarian aid distribution. Subsequent phases involve end of hostilities, reconstruction, and return of deceased hostages’ remains.
  • The final draft of the resolution states that the cease-fire will continue if negotiations extend beyond six weeks, illustrating a commitment to keep negotiations ongoing for reaching agreements and progressing through the phases.
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