Record number of Las Vegas weddings expected for New Year’s Eve

A unique date pattern could lead couples to elope to Las Vegas in greater numbers than ever before.

Couples getting married in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve could set a record for the city’s busiest wedding day ever.

Driving the news: The date 12/31/23 is considered a “specialty date” in the Las Vegas wedding industry due to its repeating 1-2-3 1-2-3 pattern.


  • This specialty date falling on New Year’s Eve, a holiday known for big celebrations, is expected to attract a large number of couples.
  • The current single-day record for marriages in Las Vegas is 4,492, set on July 7, 2007.
  •  The second most popular specialty wedding date in Las Vegas is November 11, 2011, when 3,125 couples got married.
  • In previous years, New Year’s Eve typically drew 450 to 550 couples to wed in Las Vegas.
  • Vegas Weddings, a wedding venue operator, is fully booked on midnight at its multiple locations, with more than 120 couples expected to get married.

What they’re saying: Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya told the Associated Press that such dates have been described by couples as “magic dates.” 

  • “I think the celebration that has a group dynamic is really appealing,” Goya said. “When everyone is in line and they’re all getting married and excited about being in love, it just enhances their own experience.”
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