Biden signs bill to send aid to Ukraine, Israel

The bill also targets TikTok, forcing the company to divest from China or be banned from the U.S.

President Joe Biden has signed a $95 billion war aid measure into law that includes assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

The aid package aims to provide urgent assistance to Ukraine, which has been facing Russia’s invasion.


Driving the news: The aid includes military assistance for Ukraine, which is expected to include air defense capabilities, artillery rounds, armored vehicles, and other weapons.

  • It remains uncertain if the aid will be enough for Ukraine to recover, considering the extensive damage it has suffered.
  • The aid package also includes provisions regarding social media site TikTok, giving its parent company ByteDance nine months to sell it or face a ban in the United States.
  • TikTok has stated that it will wage a legal challenge against what it considers an unconstitutional effort by Congress.
  • The aid package also includes humanitarian relief for Palestinians in Gaza suffering from the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

What they’re saying: “We rose to the moment. we came together. and we got it done,” Biden said. “Now we need to move fast, and we are.”

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