Two brothers to be mayors of neighboring New Jersey towns

The brothers see their service as an opportunity for collaboration between both cities.

Two neighboring towns in New Jersey will have brothers as mayors starting next year.

Driving the news: John Giovannitti, 61, will be sworn in as mayor of Paulsboro on January 2nd, one day before his younger brother Vince Giovannitti, 57, starts his second term as mayor of Gibbstown.


  • The brothers told the Associated Press that they see their role as mayors as a “happy coincidence” but also a natural progression after years of serving their respective communities.
  • Being siblings facilitates collaboration between mayors of neighboring towns that share certain services, as they can be more open and have constant interactions at family functions.
  • The towns of Gibbstown and Paulsboro have close-knit communities with shared families, church groups, and civic organizations that span both municipal lines, making them feel like one big community.
  • The mayor’s salary in Gibbstown is $12,314 for a three-year term, while in Paulsboro, it ranges between $7,000 and $9,100 for a four-year term.
  • John Giovannitti also works as the assistant principal and athletic director at Paulsboro High School, while Vince Giovannitti was a special-education teacher and guidance counselor before retiring in 2021.
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