Six-year-old boy traveling alone put on wrong flight by Spirit Airlines

The child was supposed to travel to Orlando to visit his grandmother for Christmas.

A six-year-old boy who was flying alone on Spirit Airlines from Philadelphia to visit his grandmother in southwest Florida for Christmas was put on the wrong plane and ended up in Orlando, Florida – 160 miles away.

Driving the news: The grandmother, Maria Ramos, discovered the mistake when she arrived at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers to greet her grandson, but was told by the airline that he wasn’t on the flight.


  • Ramos then received a call from her grandson from the airport in Orlando, telling her that he had landed there instead.
  • Spirit Airlines said in a statement that the child had been under the care and supervision of an airline employee the entire time, despite being incorrectly boarded on the Orlando-bound flight.
  • The airlines apologized for the mix-up and said they were conducting an internal investigation into the incident.
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