Personal cups now allowed at Starbucks for drive-thru and app orders

Personal cups must be cleaned before taking them to Starbucks.

Starbucks is now allowing customers to use personal cups for nearly all orders. 

This move aims to reduce the waste generated from the coffee chain’s disposable cups.


Driving the news: Starting Wednesday, customers can use their personal cups for drive-thru and Starbucks app orders.

  • To use personal cups for drive-thru orders, customers inform the barista during the ordering process, and the staff will collect the mug at the pickup window using a contactless method.
  • For orders made in the Starbucks app, customers can select the “personal cup” option during the customization process and bring their cup to the store for the barista to prepare the drink in a contactless vessel before transferring it to the customer’s cup.
  • Cups larger than 40 ounces are not accepted, and the expanded reusable cup option is not available for drinks ordered through third-party apps.
  • Using personal cups will also earn customers a 10 cent discount and 25 stars in Starbucks’ rewards program.
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