Pentagon study finds no evidence of aliens

The study did not find any evidence of extraterrestrial life related to numerous UFO sightings.

A Pentagon study was released that examined reported sightings of UFOs over the past century, finding no evidence of aliens or extraterrestrial intelligence.

The study analyzed U.S. government investigations since 1945 of unidentified anomalous phenomena, commonly known as UFOs, and concluded that most sightings were ordinary objects or misidentifications.


Driving the news: The report also dispelled claims about a former CIA official’s involvement in managing extraterrestrial technology and deemed a purported 1961 intelligence community document on UFOs as inauthentic.

  • Congress mandated the study, and another volume of the report will be released later.
  • While officials have sought answers to numerous UFO sightings, no actual evidence of extraterrestrial life has been identified so far.
  • A 2021 government report reviewing 144 UFO sightings also found no extraterrestrial links but called for better data collection.
  • Last year, a retired Air Force intelligence officer testified to Congress about a concealed program that retrieves and reverse engineers UFOs, but the Pentagon has denied these claims.
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