Job openings remain historically high throughout nation

The United States’ job openings are high, although the unemployment rate still remains at a low level.

US job openings fell slightly from 8.9 million in October to 8.8 million in November, but this number remains high by historical standards.

The big picture: The number of people quitting their jobs dropped to its lowest level since February 2021.


  • Job openings declined in transportation, warehousing, utilities, hotels, restaurants, and the federal government, but rose in construction and retail.
  • Despite the decline in job openings, the job market remains solid and layoffs are still relatively low.
  • The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates 11 times since March 2022 to combat inflation and wants the job market to cool from its red-hot state of the past couple of years.
  • The unemployment rate is currently at 3.7% and inflation is decelerating.
  • The central bank has signaled that it expects to lower interest rates three times in 2024.
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