Car dealerships disrupted by cyberattacks 

Car dealerships have had to revert to pen and paper to deal with the cyberattack.

Car dealerships in North America are facing disruptions after cyberattacks targeted CDK Global, a major auto dealer software provider.

The cyberattacks have forced dealerships to resort to manual processes, using pens and paper instead of the software.


Driving the news: CDK Global, which provides software technology to thousands of auto dealers in the US and Canada, experienced back-to-back cyberattacks, leading to an ongoing outage in their systems.

  • Major auto companies such as Group 1 Automotive Inc., Lithia Motors, and AutoNation have implemented alternative processes to continue their operations.
  • The outage may cause delays and inconveniences for some dealers and customers, but sales operations continue for companies like Stellantis, Ford, and BMW.
  • Customers are advised to monitor their credit and be cautious of potential phishing attempts following the cyberattacks.

What we’re watching: CDK Global expects the restoration process to take several days to complete and has launched an investigation into the cyber incidents with the help of third-party experts and law enforcement.

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