House passes $1.2 trillion spending bill to avoid shutdown

The spending package now heads to the Senate.

The House of Representatives has passed a $1.2 trillion spending package to fully fund the government through September, sending it to the Senate just hours before the shutdown deadline.

The package combines six spending bills into one and funds about three-quarters of the government until the end of the fiscal year.


Driving the news: A majority of Republicans voted against the measure due to objections over the funding levels in the agreement reached between House Speaker Mike Johnson and Democratic leadership in the Senate.

  • The bill includes funding for various departments, such as State, Homeland Security, Defense, Labor, and Health and Human Services, as well as funds for foreign operations, financial services, and the legislative branch.
  • The passage of the spending package in the House moves Congress closer to ending the ongoing fight over spending that has forced lawmakers to rely on short-term funding extensions since October.
  • The Senate may need to hold votes on amendments before passing the bill, and a brief lapse in funding over the weekend may not cause disruptions, as agencies can continue their normal operations.

What they’re saying: “As a member of the Appropriations Committee, determining how taxpayer dollars are spent is a responsibility I take seriously,” said Rep. David Valadao (R–Hanford). 

  • “I’m proud that we are funding a historic pay raise for our troops, thousands of new Border Patrol Agents to secure the border, and robust support for the military to counter threats from our adversaries. Republicans secured significant cuts to Biden’s inflationary spending even in a divided government. While this is by no means a perfect bill, it is the result of bipartisan cooperation to reduce wasteful spending, keep our government open, and provide robust support for our national defense.”
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