Boy Scouts of America to change name to boost inclusion

The Boy Scouts of America will now go by “Scouting America,” the organization announced on Tuesday.

The Boy Scouts of America announced that they will change their name to Scouting America next year on February 8, 2025, to reflect their pledge to inclusion.

What they’re saying: Roger A. Krone, president and chief executive officer of Scouting America, stated, “Though our name will be new, our mission remains unchanged; we are committed to teaching young people to be Prepared For Life.”


  • The change in name follows decades of turmoil for the organization, which recently agreed to a $2.4 billion bankruptcy settlement in the wake of sexual abuse allegations from thousands of individuals.

The backstory: More than 80,000 men filed claims against the organization alleging they were abused as children by leaders across the nation, leading to the bankruptcy reorganization plan to compensate the victims while allowing the organization to continue its programs.

  • The organization has also faced scrutiny over its past ban on gay members and has undergone significant changes to become more inclusive, allowing gay youth into its ranks, as well as transgender children and girls into its programs.
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