Biden pitches three-phase plan to end Israel-Hamas war

The President said the plan would prevent Hamas from carrying out another attack similar to what happened on Oct. 7 of last year.

President Joe Biden delivered remarks from the White House, unveiling a new three-phase plan to bring the Israel-Hamas war to a close.

The proposed cease-fire deal has been transmitted to both Israel and Hamas through Qatar. 


The big picture: The first phase would span six weeks and entail a complete cease-fire, withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas in Gaza and the release of hostages. 

  • Additionally, Palestinians would have the opportunity to return to their homes, and 600 trucks of humanitarian aid would be dispatched to Gaza daily as part of the first phase.
  • The second phase of the plan involves the release of all remaining living hostages, and a temporary cease-fire would evolve into a permanent one, conditioned on Hamas fulfilling its commitments. 
  • Notably, Israel would withdraw all forces from Gaza during this phase.
  • The third phase would focus on a major reconstruction effort in Gaza, aiming to render Hamas incapable of undertaking activities similar to those on Oct. 7, thus meeting one of Israel’s key war objectives.
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