Biden administration sets $6bil for decarbonizing industrial sector

This is the largest investment the United States has ever made in reducing emissions in the industrial sector.

The Biden administration has announced $6 billion in funding for projects aimed at reducing emissions in the industrial sector, marking the largest-ever U.S. investment in decarbonizing domestic industry to combat climate change.

The industrial sector accounts for around 25% of the nation’s emissions and has proven challenging to decarbonize due to its energy-intensive and large-scale operations.


The big picture: President Joe Biden’s initiative  involves various industries, including iron, steel, aluminum, food and beverage, concrete, and cement facilities. The funding will support 33 demonstration projects across over 20 states.

  • The funding aims to eliminate around 14 million metric tons of pollution annually, equivalent to removing approximately 3 million cars from the road.
  • Some of the funded projects include Century Aluminum Company building a new primary aluminum smelter, Constellium operating a zero-carbon aluminum casting plant, Kraft Heinz decarbonizing food production facilities, Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Corporation reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and Heidelberg Materials capturing and storing carbon dioxide released by a cement plant.
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