Lakers hire JJ Redick as next head coach

While Reddick does not have any previous coaching experience, he has a close relationship with superstar LeBron James.

The Los Angeles Lakers have appointed JJ Redick as their new head coach, replacing Darvin Ham who was fired on May 3. 

Reddick is a former 15-year NBA veteran, but he has no previous coaching experience. 


The big picture: Redick, 39, retired from playing in 2021 and has since pursued a career in broadcasting and podcasting. 

  • He has agreed to a four-year contract with the Lakers.
  • Despite his lack of coaching experience, Redick’s appointment signifies a new direction for the franchise, with the expectation that he will work closely with LeBron James, who is part of the Lakers’ roster.

Driving the news: Redick’s lack of coaching experience is balanced by his deep understanding of the game, having played at Duke University under coach Mike Krzyzewski.

  • The Lakers’ decision to hire Redick comes after several other coaching changes in recent years, signaling a change in approach for the team’s leadership.
  • Redick’s appointment has sparked comparisons to previous unorthodox coaching choices in Lakers history, such as the hiring of Pat Riley as an assistant coach despite his lack of experience, and the success of Steve Kerr as head coach of the Golden State Warriors.
  • The move is seen as part of the Lakers’ strategy to retain LeBron James, who is considering whether to exercise his contract option and potentially become a free agent. Hiring Redick is viewed as a calculated move to maximize their chances of keeping James with the team.
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