Woman driving high on heroin and meth sentenced to prison 

The northern California woman killed someone when she was driving high after using drugs.

A northern California woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a drug-related driving incident that killed a man in Fresno County. 

The backstory: Amber Nicole Sexton – 36 years old from Hayfork – was driving a U-Haul pickup truck southbound on Highway 41 near Harlan Avenue on Nov. 10, 2020. 


  • She crossed into oncoming traffic and caused a four-vehicle crash. 
  • Joel “Joey” Carrillo Jr., 23, was driving the car that Sexton crashed into head-on. 
  • He was driving home from preparing to become an MRI technician and was transported by helicopter and pronounced deceased at the hospital. 
  • Sexton demonstrated signs of being impaired at the scene when contacted by California Highway Patrol officers. 
  • The toxicology report revealed that Sexton had heroin and approximately four times the potentially toxic amount of methamphetamine in her system several hours after the crash. 

The big picture: Sexton will spend 10 years in prison for gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, resulting in Carrillo’s death. 

  • At the trial she admitted to having injected heroin and smoked methamphetamine the morning of the crash, but she claimed that her habitual use of both gave her a tolerance to safely drive. 
  • Sexton also claimed that the crash was caused by a vehicle malfunction. 
  • The jury rejected Sexton’s version of events, finding that she knowingly lied during her sworn testimony and that she represented a danger to society. 
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