Breaking down Merced Co.’s school board races

The Sun’s look at the contenders vying for Merced County school board seats.

Merced Union High School District

Only one spot on the Merced Union High School District Governing Board is contested this election. 

Area 2 representative Tiffany Pickle is running for reelection against Tim Norton. 

In addition to her position on the board, Pickle works for the Livingston Union School District as the Director of Instruction, Testing and Accountability. 

Norton also comes from an education background as he works at Turlock Junior High School. 

Three other board members are on expiring terms but are not facing any challengers. Those representatives are Erin Hamm of Area 1, Richard Lopez of Area 5, and Amalee Jayasinghe of Area 4. 

Delhi Unified School District

Vote for four: 

  • Francisca Briones, retired educator
  • Desiree Rodriguez, incumbent
  • Maggie Reyes, appointed incumbent
  • Vidal Preciado, incumbent
  • Brenda Saavedra, incumbent
  • Oscar Morales, parent
  • Mary Worthington, parent/educator

Los Banos Unified School District

Area 7

  • Dayna Valadao, retired educator
  • Raymond Martinez, incumbent

Le Grand High School District

Vote for two: 

  • Moses Mix, peace officer
  • Aide Marchini, appointed incumbent
  • Richard Jacobsen, appointed incumbent

Atwater Elementary School District

Area 1

  • Barbara Dutra, retired board member
  • Mary Arana, incumbent

Area 5

  • Jessica Reed, incumbent
  • Dale Wilson, grandfather

Ballico-Cressey Elementary School District

Vote for three: 

  • Alvaro Arias, parent/principal planner
  • Kalli Spycher, appointed incumbent
  • Eric Harcksen, incumbent
  • Linda Gamble, community member

Livingston Union Elementary School District

Area 2

  • Kanwaldeep Bains, incumbent
  • Alma Cuevas, parent

McSwain Union Elementary School District

Vote for three: 

  • Cindy Bell, business owner/parent
  • Scott Roduner, farmer/parent
  • Jerry Sanchez Jr., law enforcement officer
  • Bill Halpin, incumbent
  • Joe Hoffar, incumbent
  • Doug Williams, parent/education professional

Merced City Elementary School District

Area 3

  • Allen Brooks, incumbent
  • Domingo Flores, business owner
  • Claudia Johnson, educator/parent

Area 5

  • Abigail De Leon-Bacilio
  • Beatrice McCutchen, parent/educator

Weaver Union School District

Area 1

  • Jose Munoz, school administrator
  • Rodrigo Flores, appointed incumbent

Winton School District

Vote for two: 

  • Corine Dusin, incumbent
  • Jose Naranjo, bookkeeper
  • Joella Zappia-Williamson, parent
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