Soria trailing Garcia Rose amid low Democrat turnout

Soria will need greater voter turnout in November if she wants a smoother re-election bid.

Low Democratic turnout has Asm. Esmeralda Soria (D–Fresno) losing her primary election for Assembly District 27. 

While she’s currently losing to Republican Joanna Garcia Rose, they will both advance to the November election as the only two candidates in the race. 


The big picture: Rose leads at 50.6 percent with 15,201 votes in total at last county on Wednesday. 

  • Soria is right behind at 49.4 percent and 14,845 votes, down by a total of 356 votes. 
  • It’s quite the difference from Soria’s result in 2022, when she edged out former Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin by 2.6 points. 
  • Soria tallied 45,721 votes in that election, while Pazin brought in 43,335. 
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