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In Fresno school board race, candidate’s tweets beat distance learning as issue of the day

How polarizing is the current political environment?

Look no further than tweets from candidates seeking a board seat for California’s fourth-largest public school district.

The tweets come from David Paredes, a candidate for Fresno Unified School Board in the Fresno High School trustee area. Paredes is vying to oust longtime Fresno Unified trustee Carol Mills.

Paredes, a member of the local Democratic Socialists organization, was endorsed by Fresno County’s Democratic Central Committee over Mills.

Paredes’ personal Twitter account included a number of shared tweets featuring “abolish the police” advocacy and others, penned by himself, using a the anti-police refrain “ACAB,” otherwise known as “All Cops are Bastards.”

Mills, in a statement issued to The Sun, referred to the tweets as “extreme.”

Another tweet, shared by a third-party but retweeted by Paredes, features imagery from the 2000s animated sitcom King of the Hill with a sign reading “Vote Communist.”

And others sent by Paredes joke of “tearing up Caucasian infrastructure” and looting.

“My opponent, David Paredes, has supported voting communist, looting local businesses and abolishing police from his Twitter account,” Mills said in her statement. “I couldn’t disagree more and I believe the families in our Trustee area do not support his extreme positions.”

“Words matter and he has failed this test.”

Alex Tavlian is the Executive Editor of The San Joaquin Valley Sun and Executive Director of Valley Future Foundation. You can reach Alex at