House Republicans target Fresno-Visalia market with major advertising spending

Ad reservations in the Central Valley are some of the largest in the nation for House Republicans.

Republican super PAC Congressional Leadership Fund announced its advertising campaign on Wednesday, revealing the Central Valley as one of the top targets in the nation. 

In total, the super PAC has allocated $30 million for advertising spending in California and $141 million across 37 media markets nationally. 


Driving the news: With $6.5 million in planned advertising spending, the Fresno-Visalia market is the No. 3 target for the PAC Congressional Leadership Fund, which is fully endorsed by Speaker Mike Johnson and House Republican Leadership. 

  • That $6.5 million allocation includes $1.26 million in Spanish language media. 
  • The only two markets in the nation which will have more advertising dollars spent on them are New York City at $20.7 million and Los Angeles at $18.2 million. 

Go deeper: The Congressional Leadership Fund is also planning to spend $3.4 million in the Bakersfield market, including $480,000 in Spanish language media. 

  • The Sacramento market comes in further down the list at $1.6 million. 

Zoom out: The $141 million for television, streaming and digital platforms over 37 media markets is the largest initial advertising reservation than any previous election cycle. 

  • It comes in at nearly $20 million more than in 2022 and over three times the amount from 2020. 

What they’re saying: “For two cycles in a row, Republicans have succeeded in California by fielding quality candidates who resonate with their districts, while voters grow increasingly frustrated with harmful Democrat policies,” said super PAC President Dan Conston in a statement to Politico. “California is crucial to hold and grow our House majority, and this initial investment is the key first step in helping Republicans win this fall.”

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