Here’s who is winning the Cox-Valadao ad blitz dollar-for-dollar

An advertising tracking firm reports the two sides have collectively spent nearly $7 million through the first few days of October.

An analysis of ad buys in the two television markets within the 21st Congressional District shows that Rep. TJ Cox (D–Fresno) and Democrats are currently winning the spending battle. 

However, Cox’s predecessor, former Rep. David Valadao (R–Hanford), isn’t too far behind. 


Advertising Analytics – an advertising tracking firm – reported that advertisers backing Cox have spent $3.7 million, while groups backing Valadao have spent $3.2 million, as of Oct. 7. 

Cox’s top advertisers are the House Majority PAC ($1.17 million), TJ Cox for Congress ($1.11 million), DCCC ($1.05 million), 314 Action ($0.22 million), DCCC/Cox ($0.12 million) and NRDC Action Fund ($0.03 million). 

On the right, the ad tracking firm reported that top TV advertisers were the NRCC ($1.79 million), Valadao for Congress ($0.77 million), Congressional Leadership Fund ($0.61 million) and Citizens for Free Enterprise ($0.02 million). 

Internal tracking metrics report that the NRCC pushed their total contribution above $2 million with a new broadcast buy of over $344,070 split between the Fresno and Bakersfield markets this week. 

With the recent NRCC buy, Valadao-aligned groups have spent a combined $3.5 million, closing the gap to Democratic spending spending but still falling a little short. 

In the Fresno-Visalia market, Cox and his backers have spent $2.15 million on television advertisements and $40,000 on the radio airwaves. 

Looking in the same market, Valadao – with the latest NRCC buy – has totalled $2.25 million in television and $20,000 on the radio. 

Heading down to the Bakersfield market, Democrats have spent $1.47 million on television advertisements in support of Cox and $30,000 on the radio. 

Valadao and his Republican backers have spent $1.25 million in television advertisements in the Bakersfield market. Smart Media Group did not report any radio ad buys for Valadao in Bakersfield.

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