Duarte backs challenger to Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace was one of eight Republicans to vote to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker last year. Now John Duarte would like to see her voted out of office.

Rep. John Duarte (R–Modesto) is looking for retribution for one of his former colleagues in the House. 

According to campaign finance documents, Duarte donated to the opponent of Rep. Nancy Mace (R–SC), who was one of the eight Republicans to join Democrats in ousting former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. 


The big picture: Duarte is supporting Catherine Templeton in the GOP primary against Mace for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. 

  • He donated $2,000 to Templeton’s campaign through Farmer PAC, his leadership PAC. 

The backstory: McCarthy had been a big time supporter of Mace when she ran for Congress in 2020, donating millions of dollars to her campaign. 

  • But Mace chose to remove McCarthy as Speaker last year, saying at the time that McCarthy did not keep promises that he made her. 
  • McCarthy, speaking just hours after he was removed, said Mace’s chief of staff told him that he kept his word to her 100 percent. 

What they’re saying: “I didn’t like her vote against Kevin McCarthy as Speaker,” Duarte told Business Insider reporter Bryan Metzger. “That was a detriment to the party, and I’m happy to support her challenger.” 

Correction: A previous version of this story said Templeton was Mace’s former chief of staff.

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