California Republicans push Newsom to suspend gas tax increase

California gas tax is set to rise to nearly 60 cents per gallon this summer.

While their requests have fallen on deaf ears in the past, California’s House Republicans are once again calling on Gov. Gavin Newsom to suspend the gas tax increase. 

The entire California Republican Congressional delegation sent a letter to Newsom asking him to block the increase that is set to be implemented on July 1. 


The big picture: The average price of gas nationally is at $3.60 per gallon, far less than the $5.13 average in California. 

  • California’s gas tax is set to increase from 57.9 cents per gallon to 59.6 cents per gallon in July. 
  • The Republican delegation also urged Newsom to work with the California Air Resources Board to ensure that gas prices do not rise by an additional 47 cents per gallon next year, as the board projected in September of last year. 

What they’re saying: “Governor Newsom has failed to provide relief at the pump for hard-working Californians struggling with rising costs,” said Rep. David Valadao (R–Hanford). “My constituents are already paying the highest gas prices in the country, and the fact that our prices are about to go up even more because of the state’s policies is unacceptable. I am once again urging the Governor to suspend the gas tax to lower prices for Central Valley families.”

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