Wife of Gallo cheese magnate sentenced in major DUI case

The wife of a major Merced County cheese magnate pleaded no contest to a serious DUI crash dating back to 2022.

Lori Gallo, wife of the CEO of Joseph Gallo Farms, was sentenced last week to five years of formal probation and one year in jail for driving under the influence of alcohol and causing a collision involving multiple vehicles last January.

The backstory: Gallo was arrested that day for driving a Maserati at high speed, causing a collision at the intersection of G Street and Cardella Road.


  • Gallo’s vehicle sideswiped two vehicles, with the Maserati and one of the affected vehicles ending up in a ditch several hundred feet away, and a third vehicle being damaged when it hit a wheel and tire that separated from Gallo’s vehicle.
  • Gallo pleaded no contest to felony drunk driving charges on February 23.
  • During the hearing, Gallo read a statement apologizing for her actions and expressed regret for the harm caused to the people involved in the accident, first responders, her community, the court, and her family.

Driving the news: Judge Carol Ash stated that Gallo’s remorse and expressed admissions of wrongdoing, completion of an outpatient program, attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous, and lack of prior record or convictions of driving under the influence were taken into consideration.

Ash said that Gallo was suitable for probation and that probation officers recommended she was a suitable candidate for probation.

Gallo was due to appear in court on May 11, 2023, for full orders of her probation and to set a reporting date. Jones stated that there is a referral to see if Gallo is acceptable for an alternative to the one-year jail term, and that decision will be made on May 11.

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