Pay raises for Mariposa Co. Supervisors halted after signature campaign

Two months after Mariposa County Supervisors voted to give themselves a big pay raise, residents mounted a strong campaign to halt and repeal it.

Three months after Mariposa County Supervisors voted to give themselves raises that amounted to $30,000 annually, local residents have mounted a strong campaign to repeal the raises.

Thursday, the campaign announced that 1,487 signatures were submitted to Mariposa County Clerk Keith Williams, 645 more signatures than the needed threshold for repeal.

On Jan. 7, the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors voted to increase the supervisors’ annual salary by recalculating how their salary mirrors those of Mariposa County Superior Court judges.

Prior to January, Supervisors were paid 25 percent of a judge’s salary. The vote increased the percentage to 40 percent of a judge’s $200,000 salary, or $80,000.

Supervisor Marshall Long was the lone Board member to vote against the salary recalculation.

The campaign behind the repeal, known as Restore Mariposa, had until Saturday, March 7, to turn in 824 signatures.

With more than that supplied, the pay raises are immediately halted as the Mariposa County Clerk verifies signatures. If 824 of the 1,487 signatures are verified, Supervisors will have a choice: accept the repeal or place the pay raise ordinance on an electoral ballot for voters to decide.

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