Madera Unified students become ill after eating THC-laced candy

The district is working with the Madera Police Department to investigate the matter.

Multiple students at Desmond Middle School in Madera Unified became sick on Tuesday after they ate candy that is believed to be laced with THC. 

Madera Unified School District released a statement Tuesday saying a full investigation is underway. 


The big picture: Several students ate candy and became very intoxicated, showing signs of a health crisis. 

  • The bright-colored candy appeared to be harmless to the students who ate it. 
  • Madera Unified is working with the Madera Police Department to determine the extent of how the candy was distributed. 

What they’re saying: Madera Unified said students will be held accountable for distributing the THC-laced candy. 

  • “We will continue to offer parent education opportunities around THC-laced edibles as they become more accessible in our community,” Madera Unified said. “Alerting an adult or using the StopIt App to report something of this kind helps keep everyone safe and we encourage anonymous reporting.” 
  • The district added, “As marijuana/THC products are legalized and normalized, we must develop an understanding and boundaries about underage usage.” 
  • The district said students who distribute any type of narcotic could be arrested and expelled. 
  • “The times we live in require serious responses to this type of incident and its potentially life-altering consequences,” Madera Unified Said. “There will be no tolerance for narcotics distribution, and we will work closely with law enforcement to protect our students and staff. We are here to help avoid such concerning events which have no place in the school setting.” 
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