Fresno Pacific, Reedley College team up on early childhood education program

The two schools are offering a pathway for students to earn their degrees from Fresno Pacific while staying in Reedley.

Fresno Pacific University and Reedley College are joining together for an associate’s degree to bachelor’s degree for early childhood educators. 

It’s a new cooperative program that Fresno Pacific is rolling out with local community colleges. 


The big picture: There are a dozen members of the Reedley College Early Childhood Education program in the first group of students studying for Fresno Pacific’s bachelor’s degree in the new cooperative program. 

  • As part of the program, qualified Reedley College students are guaranteed admission to Fresno Pacific and receive a 10 percent tuition discount. 
  • Fresno Pacific said in an announcement regarding the program that the university helps these students gain employment. 
  • Students progress straight from the associate program at Reedley College into the bachelor’s program at Fresno Pacific while still taking classes in Reedley. That allows students to remain in a familiar setting on a convenient schedule, taking away the travel that they would have to do to attend on-campus at Fresno Pacific. 
  • Students meet in cohorts one night a week for mutual learning and support. 
  • The bachelor’s program takes 18 months to complete after a series of six-week classes. 

The backstory: Carol Gosset, a Fresno Pacific education professor and the director of the Early Childhood Development program, contacted Reedley College four years ago to propose the cooperative program, which she designed. 

What we’re watching: The university is also developing a similar associate’s to bachelor’s program with West Hills Coalinga: Firebaugh Campus. 

What they’re saying: “The pathway between the two institutions allows the students to transition to the university level without feeling overwhelmed and nervous as they begin their next level of education,” said Fresno Pacific faculty member Cynthia Kaitfors-Smith. 

  • Marcy Davidson, the chair of the Early Childhood, Education and Health Sciences Department at Reedley College, said the program gives students the ability to stay close to home. 
  • “Our students are from rural areas, so a different population than Fresno City College or even Clovis Community College,” Davidson said. 
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