Hanford agrees to annex six county islands

Residents in the county islands currently face confusion as to which government body provides its services.

Hanford has agreed to annex six county islands that are substantially surrounded by the city. 

Kings County expects the annexation process to be completed within 18 months for five of the six county islands. 


The big picture: Last week the Kings County Board of Supervisors approved a memorandum of understanding with the city to initiate the annexation. 

  • There is operational inefficiency and confusion from residents as to which government body currently serves them, given that the service provided by the county is similar to what the city provides to the surrounding areas. 
  • The county islands will be annexed per the Master Tax Sharing Agreement that the city and county struck in the early 1990s. 
  • The six county islands comprise of 309 parcels and have a combined property tax roll of about $539,400 for 2023, including $4,037 in direct assessments. Kings County gets one percent – $5,394 – and $753 goes to the county’s General Fund, $344 to the Fire Fund and $98 to the Library Fund. Once annexed, the city would receive $154 from the General Fund’s portion and $70 from the Fire Fund’s portion. 

What we’re watching: Last week’s agreement allows the city to initiate annexation proceedings for five of the six county islands within 18 months. 

  • Hanford will begin annexation proceedings for the sixth island within 18 months once it is no longer considered Prime Agricultural Land under state law. 
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