Zero-dollar-bail led to Fresno’s viral daytime smash-and-grab. Now, suspects are behind bars.

In 2020, Schirell Denise Cummings taunted Valley law enforcement that she was “reading comments wit my feet kicked up out on bail.” After a brazen smash-and-grab, she’s now behind bars.

There’s no zero bail for 21-year-old Schirell Denise Cummings this time after her arrest Friday for a daylight smash-and-grab from the CVS at Herndon and West avenues.

Two years ago, after being arrested on suspicion of stealing about $14,000 in Nike clothing from a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Clovis, Cummings and others in an alleged theft ring mocked police and law enforcement supporters in social media posts.


“Nanana, boo boo bail,” read one post on the Clovis PD Facebook page. Another post stated, “I’m reading the comments wit my feet kicked up out on bail.”

Charges Pending in Case

Cummings remained in jail Tuesday and her bail totals $245,000. She faces nine felonies, including robbery and organized retail theft, although she has yet to be charged by the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office.

One of her alleged accomplices, Reginald Walter Taylor, also 21, faces two felonies. Taylor’s bail totals $45,000 and he remains in jail.

Police Respond After Customer Videos Theft

Though store employees didn’t attempt to stop Cummings, Taylor, and another person from walking out with bags stuffed with liquor bottles, a customer videoed the whole thing and posted it on social media.

After seeing the video, the Fresno Police Department began an investigation that included dusting for fingerprints.

However, anyone who follows the news closely might have recognized Cummings, whose picture was disseminated widely after her arrest and mocking of zero bail in the 2020 Dick’s Sporting Goods case.

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