Drought-caused low water pressure leaves Sanger homes, businesses in shambles

Low water pressure has forced Sanger residents to bathe with bottled water and shuttered the city’s Walmart. Here’s what is causing the issues.

As the San Joaquin Valley continues to experience extreme drought conditions, the Sanger community is living with low to no water pressure impacting neighborhoods, businesses, and families.

“I had to wash out my hair with bottled water. I use the same water for my baby’s bottles,” said Sanger resident Erika Ruiz. “You’re dealing with a shortage already with the formula and now we have to stock up on water.”


Ruiz is a mother to two daughters, ages six months old and nine years old. During the week, she relies on bottled water for everyday tasks.

According to Sanger City Councilmember Michael Montelongo, Well 14 located at Muscat and Academy Avenue is currently in the process of flushing.

“We normally think of flushing for waste but what it means is, we’re flushing the water to keep it going. We can now test the water and then it can get sent to the state. Once they clear us, then we can put that one back up and running,” Montelongo said.

Well 14 is currently inoperable due to maintenance. Well A2 near Greenwood Park is “a whole rehabilitation of the well because the well had problems last year,” Montelongo added.

The water pressure issues forced the temporary closure of Sanger’s Walmart Supercenter, which has since partially reopened.

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