Ventura Broadcasting cancels Malos show "Connect with Me"

It looks like John Malos’ public affairs TV show “Connect with Me” is gone for good.

“It’s not on a hiatus,” Malos told me by phone on Wednesday. “It’s cancelled.”


Malos said the bosses told him there wasn’t enough money to
keep the show going.

“Connect with Me” ran from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday. Malos was the show’s host-producer.

The show was part of Ventura Broadcast Company. It was televised live from a set in a corner of the Ventura TV-Video-Appliance Center on Ventura Avenue in Southeast Fresno.

The fate of “Connect with Me” had been uncertain for at least several months. The show went off the air briefly in August.

“I’m on a hiatus,” Malos told me at the time.

The show returned a few weeks later.

Wednesday was the end of the line for a show that survived for more than five years in a tough business.

Malos in our short conversation said he was proud the legacy left by “Connect with Me.” He noted that it was the only local live public affairs TV show that encouraged viewers to call in and pose tough questions to guests.

There was nowhere to hide when you were a guest on “Connect with Me.”

Malos over the years built a solid foundation for the show: A loyal base of viewers, an extensive roster of newsmakers who enjoyed the give-and-take, the host’s reputation for fairness and good manners.

Jim Verros, CVObserver’s editor-at-large, and I were to be Malos’ guests on Friday. Malos called me Tuesday evening to review possible topics.

City Hall was to be our main theme. That meant just about every policy issue imaginable was on the table. The three of us were going to dissect Fulton Mall/Corridor, the Darling rendering plant, Garry Bredefeld/free speech, workforce development, public safety, Lee Brand’s first year as mayor, the local 2018 political campaign.

If we had time, Malos said, we’d also tackle recent events in the Fresno State athletics department.

With Verros there, the chatter would have been frank, fast-paced and fun. (For a taste of the dynamic you missed, check out this 60-second teaser for Jim’s upcoming CVO Video show “Unfiltered with Jim Verros.”)

Malos has been a fixture on the local TV journalism scene for more than 20 years. He said he’s disappointed to see “Connect with Me” go off the air.

But Malos isn’t giving up. He said he’s already kicking around ideas for a new show with a new venue.

“Nothing definite yet to report,” Malos told me. “But keep your fingers crossed.”

  1. So much for real journalism in the Central VAlley. Our local news stations are nothing but cheap hype and stuff right off the police blotter.

    John Malos gives us a chance to really analyze issues that affect our daily lives. But I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. Too bad. Ventura or whatever they’re called should just pack it up and go away. They don’t have anything else on that I’m interested in watching.

    I’m hoping John pops up again in the valley either as a newsman or with another news interview show. He really is that good.

  2. I am very disappointed the show’s been cancelled. I loved watching it and calling in and asking his guests tough questions. There was never any fluff because the show was live and there was not an ability to duck callers questions. It was a fresh type of live television. I hadn’t seen this type of concept since the early 70’s and 80’s. He always had interesting guests on the show. Let’s hope John finds a station that likes live television and the concept that was used on “Connect With Me.”

  3. a shame.The only real venue to see local buisness people and News anchors in a different venue. Hope Mr.Malos does indeed return with a format similar on a less cheap station

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