New billboards across Valley clap back at Hamas sympathizing

The national nonprofit says it is running the advertisements to combat antisemitism that has been on the rise since the Oct. 7 attacks.

As antisemitism rises in the shadow of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, a national nonprofit is pushing back against Hamas sympathizing in far flung locales, including the San Joaquin Valley.A national nonprofit, JewBelong, is running billboard advertisements in Fresno in response to antisemitism sparked by the conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

JewBelong, a national nonprofit combatting antisemitism, has launched multiple billboards in the Fresno media market calling out potential pro-Hamas narratives.


Driving the news: The billboards all read: “Let’s be clear. Hamas is your problem too.” 

  • JewBelong says the billboards are to counter a 400 percent increase in antisemitic hate crimes, according to the Anti-Defamation League. 
  • The billboards will remain up until the last week of December. 
  • JewBelong also pointed to the recent vandalism that took place at a north Fresno synagogue and a Mediterranean bakery, necessitating the billboards to support the 6,900 Jews that live in Fresno. 

What they’re saying: JewBelong co-founder Archie Gottesman said domestic antisemitism plays into the hands of Hamas. 

  • “Their goal is the complete annihilation of Jews and fighting antisemitism everywhere makes that goal harder. But Hamas, like other terrorist organizations, has much bigger goals,” Gottesman said. “They are in a holy war against the Western way of life. They are an oppressive organization that will not stop with the Jews and Israel.” 
  • Gottesman said it is time for Americans to comprehend that antisemitism will not end with the Jewish people. 
  • “Every American who has distressed at what happened on 9/11 should be distressed about what is happening to Israel,” Gottesman said. “Standing up to the hate is crucial for all of us.” 
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