Malos hiatus over, "Connect with Me" returning to air


Turns out veteran Fresno journalist John Malos earlier this month used the right word to describe his status with Ventura Broadcast Company.


It was a “hiatus,” not a permanent departure.

Malos told me on Tuesday that he and his “Connect With Me” news show will return to the air next Monday.

“I’m off hiatus,” Malos said.

CVObserver reported on Aug. 4 that the bosses at Ventura Broadcasting had suddenly taken Malos and his show off the air. Malos said he didn’t know why. He said it was his hope that the break was temporary, but he couldn’t guarantee anything.

Malos on Tuesday said the bosses had simply wanted some down time to rethink their business plan. He said “Connect With Me” is returning “bigger and better than ever.”

“Connect With Me” is an hour-long show that is televised Monday through Friday. It usually is live. Malos and guests discuss a variety of topics, but public policy in all its glory and absurdity is usually at the top of the agenda.

The home for “Connect With Me” is a studio at Ventura TV-Video-Appliance Center on Ventura Avenue in Southeast Fresno.

Malos has hosted “Connect With Me” for close to six years. His “hiatus” forced the postponement of a show featuring GVWire Senior Reporter David Taub and myself.

Malos promised to reschedule us. Taub owes viewers a perceptive analysis on the future of water storage in the Valley.

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