Fresno State’s student newspaper opposes Measure E

The majority of The Collegian’s editors side with the opposition to the Fresno County sales tax measure.

The editorial board for The Collegian – Fresno State’s student-run newspaper – has come out against Measure E. 

The Collegian published its editorial against the 0.25 percent Fresno County sales tax measure on Wednesday. 


Driving the news: Eight of the 11 editors at The Collegian oppose the measure, which would bring in a projected $1.575 billion for Fresno State over the 25-year lifespan of the tax. 

  • The editors cited Fresno County’s high poverty rate as a major reason for opposition, calling Measure E a regressive tax. 
  • They also took issue with the attached project list not being codified in the measure’s text. 

The other side: The three editors who are not opposed to Measure E abstained from making a decision. 

  • Two of the editors felt pressured to support Measure E, fearing it would come back before voters for a third time at a higher tax rate. Yet they do not support it because not everyone in Fresno County is associated with Fresno State. 
  • The other editor who abstained is not a citizen and cannot vote. 

Read the editorial here.

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