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Fresno Pacific’s seminary dean makes the leap to the national stage

Fresno Pacific University announced Monday Valerie Rempel, the vice president and dean of Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary, is departing.

Rempel will join the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada as director of accreditation at the end of August. 

“We congratulate Valerie on her new position and look forward to seeing the impact she will have on the education of seminarians at the institutional level,” said Fresno Pacific President Joseph Jones in a statement. “Valerie’s focus has always been to help students grow in their knowledge of and love for Jesus and his church, and pass that on in their work and life.” 

Rempel joined Fresno Pacific in 2996 as part of the seminary faculty and was appointed dean in 2014, followed by vice president in 2019. She also served as an associate professor and J.B. Toews Chair of History and Theology. 

Tim Geddert, a professor and program director of New Testament, will fill in for Rempel in the interim. 

Looking back at her time at Fresno Pacific, Rempel pointed to the strong relationships that she had with the faculty and students as the highlight of her tenure. 

“It has been my privilege and great joy to serve the seminary and university and I will miss being a part of the day-to-day community of FPU,” Rempel said in a statement. “At the same time, I’m looking forward to contributing in a new way to the work of theological education across the US and Canada.” 

The Association of Theological Schools includes over 270 graduate schools that offer post-baccalaureate degree programs in ministry, teaching and research in theological disciplines. 

In her position in the Commission on Accrediting, Rempel will facilitate the accrediting relationship with around 60 schools through visits and other related activities. She will also provide education, training and support about the process of accreditation.

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