Fresno native assumed kidnapped by Hamas in Israel

Her family was on the phone with her on Saturday when Hamas terrorists entered her home.

A Fresno native is feared to be held hostage by Hamas in Israel after attacks started on the country over the weekend. 

Driving the news: Adrienne Neta, 66, was born in Fresno and moved to Israel in 1981, retaining her American citizenship. 


  • Family members of missing Americans in Israel held a press conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. One speaker was Nahar Neta, Adrienne’s son. 
  • According to a report from Fox News, Nahar Neta was talking to his mother on the phone early Saturday morning when rocket fire from the Gaza Strip started. 
  • Later, his siblings were on the phone with her when they heard her screaming in her home on Kibbutz Be’eri – located near the Gaza strip – as it was broken into. 
  • Nahar Neta traveled to Israel on Monday to help search for his mother, saying Tuesday that his family is almost certain that she was not among the 100 bodies discovered on the kibbutz. 

What they’re saying: “We do not have any confirmed information, it is total chaos, but we think she was taken from her home on Kibbutz Be’eri,” Nahar Neta told Fox News. 

  • Nahar Neta said he is working with the embassy to get his mother and all Israeli hostages freed from Gaza.
  • “This is a very tough time for us, but my mother is a very strong woman,” Nahar neta said. “And I have confidence that if she is still alive, she will overcome this.”
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