CRMC faces extremely high volume of patients, stretching emergency room thin

The hospital is urging the public to not visit the emergency room to deal with non-emergencies.

Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno is currently experiencing an extremely high number of patients. 

The hospital is asking people to only visit the emergency room in cases of actual emergency. 


The big picture: CRMC said Tuesday that the capacity of its emergency department is stretched thin. 

  • “Patient safety is of the utmost importance,” CRMC said. “We are working to quickly address the capacity challenges across our system, but we are also asking for the public’s help.” 

When to visit: CRMC advises people to visit the emergency room in cases of heart attacks, severe burns, severe electric shocks, seizures, head injuries, deep wounds with heavy bleeding, severe allergic reactions, possible poisonings and severe abdominal pain associated with pain in the chest. 

  • Other issues such as having the cold or the flu, ear aches, migraines, minor cuts, sprains and rashes can be taken care of at urgent care or through primary care doctors. 
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