Fresno County seeks Measure C oversight committee members

The Measure C Citizens Oversight Committee needs your help.

The COC, as it’s called, is to have 13 members. According to a recent Fresno Council of Governments staff report, the COC needs seven new members to reach that figure.

According to the staff report, the seven vacant positions are:

  • Four positions for community organization representatives.
  • Public-at-large position representing the rural area west of Highway 99, in Supervisorial District 1.
  • Public-at-large position representing Fresno-Clovis metropolitan area in Supervisorial District 2.
  • Public-at-large position in Fresno-Clovis area in any of the supervisorial districts.

Says the staff report: “The Measure C Expenditure Plan specifies that the COC shall comprise 13 members, including six at-large public members who respectively reside in each one of the five Fresno County Supervisorial Districts. Three of the six must reside in the Fresno-Clovis metropolitan area and two must reside in the unincorporated rural area of the county (east and west). The remaining seven members must be representatives drawn from a diverse mix of interested mix of interested community organizations.”

Members serve four-year terms, with a maximum limit of eight years on the committee. The terms of the seven vacancies were to begin on July 1, 2019.

According to the staff report, the Measure C Citizen Oversight Committee’s webpage is:

Why is the Measure C Citizens Oversight Committee important? This is my take:

Measure C is Fresno County’s half-cent sales tax devoted to a wide variety of transportation projects. If I’m not mistaken, Measure C generates more than $80 million per year. Local transportation officials often are able to leverage Measure C funds to deliver much larger sums of state and federal transportation funds to the county. This money reaches into every corner of the county.

Transportation – i.e. mobility – is the backbone of the county’s economic and social structure.

The key to Measure C’s success since the mid-1980s has been public support at the ballot box. Measure C currently is 12 years into a 20-year extension. Local transportation officials are already thinking ahead to the day a ballot measure would be presented to voters that would extend the tax for 20, perhaps 30, years.

The Measure C Citizens Oversight Committee is an important vehicle for the people to influence how their transportation money is spent. The committee is democracy in action.

George Hostetter is The Sun’s Fresno Civic contributor – covering the City of Fresno, County of Fresno, and Fresno Council of Governments.