Fresno Co. Supervisors OK General Plan update, study of Kings River development

A major update to Fresno County’s General Plan opens the door to a new development along the Kings River.

The Fresno County Board of Supervisors has approved a sweeping General Plan update, the first since 2000, which includes the restoration of a proposed development area along the Kings River.

The 400-page plan aims to balance the need for housing with environmental protections and has been in development for over a decade.


Down by the river: The updated plan maintains the core goals of the previous plan, with the addition of an environmental justice element developed in collaboration with the California Attorney General’s Office.

  • The proposed development at the Harris River Ranch along the Kings River has raised concerns regarding its impact on the river. The board of supervisors has instructed planners to revise the Kings River Regional Plan before permitting the development of the ranch.
  • The proposed project would impact 700 acres of the ranch, not the originally proposed 7,000 acres, and would not be situated on the river side.

Feedback galore: Stricter updates have been made to the General Plan, requiring a full environmental impact report before any housing is built. Mitigation fees or conservation easements can be required by the board at a one-to-one ratio.

  • Stakeholders, including the Kings River Conservancy and other conservation groups, have been invited to collaborate in discussions regarding the development and the protection of the Kings River.
  • Planners have acknowledged the need for a long-range perspective in the Kings River Regional Plan, which should distinguish between protected and unprotected areas and incorporate mitigations for potential future development.
  • City of Fresno officials have expressed concerns about the enforceability of changes in ag land conversion requirements, particularly regarding greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation measures.
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