Fresno City Council honors FCC Baseball Coach Ron Scott

Legend Ron Scott knew you can’t win ‘em all because life does not work that way, but there’s no use getting up in the morning if you’re not going to try your best to win ‘em all.

If he’s still the man I used to know, then there’s no doubt that Ron Scott in his heart of hearts felt the proclamation should have said “1,350” instead of “1,000.”

Still, 1,000 career wins as the Fresno City College baseball coach is a stunning achievement. Besides, the baseball gods, as Scott knows all too well, are a fickle lot.


Scott in April notched his 1,000th career victory as the Rams’ head baseball coach, a 5-2 win over Cerro Coso. Mayor Lee Brand and the Fresno City Council on May 17 honored the feat by proclaiming Ron Scott Day.

The Mayor began the brief ceremony in the Council Chamber by listing some of Scott’s milestones: 30 years at the Rams’ helm, those 1,000 wins (most in FCC history, second highest in state community college history), 20 conference titles and one state championship.

“On behalf of the Mayor’s Office, I want to congratulate you,” Brand said.

Council President Esmeralda Soria, whose District 1 includes the FCC campus, said she was pleased to present Scott with the city proclamation.

“I know you have been a tireless coach at Fresno City College,” Soria said. “As someone who teaches there and serves the area, we want to commend you for all the work that you’ve done over the last 30 years.”

City Clerk Yvonne Spence read the proclamation into City Hall’s official record. The proclamation tactfully noted that Scott in 1989 succeeded Len Bourdet as the Rams’ coach. Bourdet himself was immensely successful at FCC, earning a spot in 1989 in the California Community College Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame. City Hall is a place whose inhabitants know the career challenges of replacing a legend.

Spence concluded: “… Be it resolved that we, Mayor Lee Brand and members of the Fresno City Council, hereby commend Ron Scott for his dedication to Fresno City College baseball and congratulate him on his commitment and leadership to those he has mentored along the way. Be it further resolved that we, Mayor Lee Brand and members of the Fresno City Council, do hereby proclaim Thursday, May 17 to be Ron Scott Day in the City of Fresno.”

Scott touched all the bases in his brief response.

“I want to thank the council for acknowledging this, especially Paul (Caprioglio),” Scott said. “I had the pleasure of coaching his son. I want to say all those wins were with (assistant coach) Eric Solberg. We were together since Day One. I also want to say that while it’s an individual milestone, it’s really a team (effort). Probably close to 1,000 players (plus) coaches. It’s also acknowledging Fresno City College, which I believe is really a special place – a special place for me but also a special place for the town.”

Scott went on to introduce various FCC administrators sitting in the audience. Scott’s wife, Rebecca, stood by his side. FCC President Carole Goldsmith stood next to Soria. Scott thanked them, too.

“We love Fresno City College, and for you to acknowledge it is really great,” Scott said. “Thank you very much for the support.”

Goldsmith said she echoed Scott’s sentiments.

“Fresno City College is a very special place that we should all feel proud of,” Goldsmith said. “Thank you, Mayor. Thank you, Council President and all of the council members, for recognizing some of the great talent that we have at Fresno City College. On behalf of all of the students and staff and the State Center Community College trustees, congratulations, Ron. Well deserved.”

Council Member Caprioglio got in the last word. As is usually the case with Caprioglio on grand occasions, he was succinct and memorable.

“I want to extend my congratulations, of course,” Caprioglio said. “My son was extremely excited about you receiving this award today. We both agree that you’re the man, not a myth, and truly legendary.”

So, why do I think Scott would have preferred a proclamation that could state with total truthfulness that the Rams’ win total over the last 30 years is 1,350?

I covered the FCC baseball program in the early 1990s for The Bee. I was there in 1992 when the Rams went 45-7 and beat Sacramento City College to win the state championship.

Scott is a great coach. He’s a very competitive man. He knows you can’t win ‘em all. That’s not the way life works. He also knows there’s no use getting up in the morning if you’re not going to try your best to win ‘em all.

Thirty years of 45 wins per season – that’s the Ron Scott standard I came to know.

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