EPA begins clean-up of secret Reedley biolab

Federal officials have started the sanitization process for the various chemicals left behind at the Reedley warehouse.

Federal officials are on-site Tuesday sanitizing the secret Reedley lab. 

Reedley city officials announced that the Environmental Protection Agency have come to town to clean up the various chemicals that were still in the warehouse. 


The backstory: Chinese national and former Clovis resident Jia Bei Zhu was indicted by a federal grand jury last November for illegally operating the Reedley biolab. 

  • Zhu had stored biological material – including various infectious diseases – mice, COVID-19 tests and pregnancy tests in the warehouse for his companies Universal Meditech Incorporated and Prestige Biotech Incorporated. 

The big picture: Reedley City Manager Nicole Zieba announced that the EPA should take two weeks to sanitize the warehouse, according to KSEE. 

  • The EPA is saving the city over $150,000 in sanitization costs by coming in Tuesday, keeping the city from having to pay for it. 
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