Briefing Room: Summerset appeal set, Inspection program on the horizon, water progress

The latest on City Hall’s Summerset code enforcement appeal, rental inspections, and water problems.

Inside the Huddle: Rental Housing Inspection Programs

7.) I’m not surprised at Swearengin’s cautious approach to the inspection issue. Why would she get in front of events? Flores’ Summerset decision probably won’t be made public until mid-October. At that point, Swearengin will have only 10 weeks left in office. She’s termed out at the end of the year. It wouldn’t be fair to the next mayor (Lee Brand or Henry R. Perea) or the people of Fresno for a short-timer chief executive to make such a big decision.


8.) I’ve been told that the cost of the inspection program is no big deal – the expense would be passed on to the renter with no qualms by either side. Such a notion is utter nonsense. Remember when city and state leaders gathered in Southeast Fresno last month to discuss ways to build thousands of new “affordable” rental housing units in our city? The biggest concern of these powerful leaders was the high percentage of income (50% or more in many cases) that Fresno’s poor currently spend on housing.

9.) Bottom line: Citywide rent control is the key issue at the heart of all this code enforcement talk. Keep that in mind as you sit in the Council Chamber during the Summerset hearing.

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