California to give Fresno $11mil to help clear homeless encampments

The state is supporting 17 communities with nearly $200 million in funding.

Fresno will receive nearly $11 million in state funds to help move homeless people out of encampments and into housing. 

The funding is part of $192 million in total going to many jurisdictions across the state. 


The big picture: Fresno will receive $10.9 million to serve 600 people in the city and house 200 of them. 

  • That includes adding up to 100 permanent housing beds as the city clears an encampment along a state right-of-way. 
  • The $192 million is administered by the California Interagency Council on Homelessness (Cal ICH) to support 20 projects in 17 communities. 
  • In total, the funding is expected to support nearly 3,600 people and provide permanent housing for 2,200 of them. 
  • Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the funding on Thursday. 

What they’re saying: “This new funding will get people out of tents and into housing across California,” Newsom said. “As the state provides unprecedented resources like this, we also expect accountability. Local governments must ensure this funding is being utilized on the ground.” 

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