Anti-semitic flyers dropped in Fresno, Clovis, putting law enforcement on alert

Along with attacking the Jewish community, the flyers assailed coronavirus response and the ongoing Ukrainian War.

Antisemitic flyers appeared in driveways at homes in Clovis and Fresno this weekend.

Clovis police confirmed the flyers appeared in the neighborhood bounded by Peach, Ashlan, Gettysburg and Winery. Some of the flyers were also found nearby in Fresno.


Images from KMPH 26 show the flyers with topics such as “every single aspect of the Ukraine-Russian war is Jewish,” and “every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish.” They were placed in clear plastic bags weighed down with beans.

Although upsetting, the flyers were not a crime.

“It does not appear to target any single individual because homes on every street within the neighborhood received them. It’s unfortunate that our residents had to wake up to something like this, and we are looking into it, even though it is not a crime. Our officers were in the neighborhood speaking to residents about their concerns,” Clovis Police spokesman Ty Wood said.

Fresno Police had no information about complaints filed about the flyer.

Similar flyers have been left in other communities across the country.

ADL: Report Incidents Anyway

The group that distributed the flyers is known to the Anti-Defamation League, but they refused to publicly name who they are, “because they are attention seekers.”

“This is a virulently antisemitic hate group. We know that it is a small and loosely knit group of individuals who distribute fliers and also engage in other stunts,” Teresa Drenick, the deputy regional director out of the ADL’s San Francisco office, said. “They try, with these fliers distributions, to create a sense of fear and disquiet in communities.”

The ADL recommends reporting such incidents to police, even if the distribution is not a crime.

“It is really vital that local police departments know that hate incidents are taking place in the communities that they have to take care of and protect,” Drenick said.

Drenick urges victims to report incidents to the ADL online data base. They already received a report about the Clovis incident.

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