Fresno to consider raising garbage rates by up to $20 per month

Just because the city is seeking a rate increase doesn’t mean they will happen since property owners, under Prop 218, can band together to prevent them.

Fresno’s garbage rates could increase by up to $20 by the end of the decade as the city looks to cover operating costs. 

The Fresno City Council will consider taking the first steps on Thursday to kick off the rate change process. 


The backstory: It has been 16 years since the city last adopted a rate schedule, which raised rates through 2009. 

  • Since then, the city has increasingly struggled to generate sufficient revenue to cover increased costs despite having vacancies in the Department of Public Utilities, depleting reserve funds and delaying necessary equipment updates. 

The big picture: The city has developed a five-year rate schedule for solid waste services from Fiscal Year 2025 through Fiscal Year 2029. 

  • Currently the city charges $25.37 for 96-gallon containers and $19.20 on 64-gallon containers. Those rates would increase to $30.87 and $28.12, respectively, in 2025 and up to $45.24 and $41.21, respectively, in 2029. 
  • Under Proposition 218, the city has to mail a notice to property owners about the proposed rate increases at least 45 days before holding a public hearing. 
  • A majority of parcels can submit valid written protests before the public hearing to stop the city from going through with the rate hikes. 
  • Thursday, the council will consider starting the process under Proposition 218. 

What we’re watching: The Department of Public Utilities is also working to create an affordability to assist low-income residents. 

  • The program will be presented to the council along with the rate increases in May 2024.
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