Anti-Israel protesters vandalize Rep. Valadao’s office

The Hanford Republican condemned the vandalism, saying anti-Israel protestors should support the eradication of Hamas.

Anti-Israel protesters vandalized Rep. David Valadao’s (R–Hanford) office in Hanford Monday morning. 

Valadao’s office remains open despite the vandalism. 


The big picture: Valadao posted a picture on X on Monday sharing that his office was vandalized. 

  • Flyers were plastered on the office door that appear to have pictures of children with the title “murdered by Israel.” 
  • A reddish-brown substance was also splattered over the office door, the outer wall and the sign. 
  • Valadao has supported legislation to condemn Hamas and provide $14.3 billion in emergency funding to Israel. 

What they’re saying: “I strongly support the right to peaceful protest, but violence and vandalism are never acceptable,” Valadao wrote on X. “In a democracy, harassment and intimidation is not how you make your voice heard.” 

  • “Valadao continued, “If these protestors truly cared about Palestinian children they would also support the eradication of Hamas terrorists, who are actively using Palestinian hospitals and schools as cover for their military operations and putting thousands of Palestinian civilians at risk.” 
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