Google Maps rerouted travelers to unpaved roads in Nevada desert

Travelers heading to Los Angeles were rerouted by Google Maps due to a dust storm in the Mojave desert.

Google issued an apology after sending drivers on dangerous desert road detours between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  

At least one of the detours led drivers to a road that left them stranded. 


Driving the news: Many drivers took the alternative route suggested by Google Maps to avoid a dust storm that closed portions of Interstate 15. 

  • The detours took drivers on remote paths in the Nevada desert and caused several drivers to get stuck on unpaved dirt roads.
  • A viral video on TikTok showed a long line of cars on an unpaved road. 
  • Another couple traveling in the opposite direction also experienced the detour and realized they should have stayed on the familiar highway.
  • The detours caused gridlock and stranded drivers for several hours, with some needing their cars towed due to damage caused by rough terrain.

Google’s apology: “We apologize for the incident that happened last weekend and can confirm that we’ll no longer route drivers traveling between Las Vegas and Barstow down through those roads,” Google said in a statement. “Today, drivers making that trip are being routed through I-15, which has been reopened.”

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