Sierra Nevada releases its first non-alcoholic beers

The Chico based brewer has taken a more traditional approach to creating its non-alcoholic beer.
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has released its first-ever non-alcoholic brews, Trail Pass IPA and Trail Pass Golden. To fill out a full portfolio of non-alcoholic beverages that family owned craft brewery has additionally released a brand new zero alcohol sparkling water infused with real fruit juice, Hop Splash Citrus. All three brand new products are hitting shelves across the U.S. this month. Learn more at

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has released its first-ever line of non-alcoholic beers. 

Trail Pass IPA and Trail Pass Golden are now available on shelves. 


The brews: Tail Pass IBA has an impactful IPA flair and aroma that comes in at 35 IBU, according to Sierra Nevada. It uses Amarillo, Bravo CTZ, Magnum and Cascade hops. 

  • Trail Pass Golden has a light, crips flavor with Centennial, Cascade and Bravo hops. It comes in at 15 IBU. 
  • Both beers are made with the traditional fermentation process with a yeast that produces low amounts of alcohol. 
  • That results in a better tasting non-alcoholic brew that more resembles traditional beer, according to Sierra Nevada. Both brews have 0.5 percent ABV and have a MSRP of $11.99 for a six-pack of 12 oz. cans. 

What they’re saying: “Our innovation brewers have been working for years to perfect a flavorful, satisfying non-alcoholic brew. What they’ve developed is truly best-in-class,” said Lesley Albright, VP of Marketing at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 

  • “We know that drinkers appreciate a wide variety of premium craft options to enjoy at different occasions. Trail Pass IPA and Golden are a great fit when the moment calls for a high-quality, non-alcoholic beverage that fully delivers on flavor and refreshment. We’re so pleased to release this new collection of non-alcoholic offerings.”
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